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Rudy Wietfeldt

Rudy Wietfeldt has personally faced and overcome incredible tragedies: at 18 he was pallbearer for his father, who died suddenly in his 40s; at 25, Rudy had also served as pallbearer for his mother. By the age of 33, Rudy had buried three sons and a daughter. And Rudy has also suffered with what Wikipedia has called “the most painful condition known to medical science,” the Cluster Headache.

Through all the pain and suffering, the book “The Core of Happiness” was penned by Rudy in the hope that his surviving children and others would ultimately derive benefit from his philosophy of hope that has guided his life. “The Core of Happiness” is the first in a series of books with “a ‘novel’ approach to self help.” Rudy is currently co-authoring a chronic pain management book with Dr. Barry Mitchell; look for this to be released in 2012.

Professionally, Rudy Wietfeldt has been on the staff of the University Health Network (UHN) for almost 25 years. UHN is a global leader in providing exemplary patient care, innovative research and teaching. Rudy has held various clinical and leadership positions in the Department of Emergency Psychiatry.

In 2010, Rudy was named the Health and Happiness Examiner for Canada. As well, Rudy co-founded Be Happy For Life!™, a company dedicated to transforming the lives of people everywhere, one smile at a time. Visit Be Happy For LIfe for more information. In 2011, Rudy was named to the Stanford Who’s Who in New York City.

Rudy also has a private practice where he works with individuals, couples, families, as well as executives, actors, athletes and other leaders in various industries. Interested in having Rudy as your personal or corporate coach? Do so from the comfort of your home or office. Begin by visiting Skypo Therapy ™.

In 2012, Rudy will be announcing the opening of MindCare, a US-based health software company that is producing web- and mobile-based apps for everything from the treatment of depression to overcoming grief, divorce, and other traumas.

You can follow him on twitter @CoreOfHappiness and on his popular blog, THE HAPPY BLOGGER: Blogging Happily. Also, Rudy would “like” you to join the Facebook Fan Page for “The Core of Happiness.”