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About the book

the Core of Happiness

The Core of Happiness is a unique self-help book in a “novel” format. The reader is drawn into a journey full of real life challenges hosted by Max, the Happiness Hero, and an engaging cast of characters in a small town cafe. Lively banter and an infectious sense of humour combine with forward-thinking logic to embody the boisterous discussions. Playfully and easily, the reader is captivated by a stepwise approach to defining personal happiness, eliminating unhappiness, and maximizing authentic happiness.

I enjoyed the book...the setting, characters, flow of conversation and content... in the great Canadian novel on happiness.
-Dr. Barry Mitchell, a pain specialist who practices medicine just north of Toronto

Follow the characters in 10 engaging chapters!

  • 1. Defining Happiness for Yourself
  • 2. Mend your Mind: Eliminating Un-happiness
  • 3. Emotion Management: Mind Your Mood
  • 4. The Realms of Life: Achieving Balance
  • 5. Appreciate All We Have: Fighting Perfectionism
  • 6. The RetroProSpectoscope™: GPS for Your Life
  • 7. Improving Self-esteem and Confidence
  • 8. The Five Key Relationships
  • 9. The A, B, C’s of Happiness
  • 10. Things To Do & Things Not To Do

How Do You Define Hapiness?

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